Fundraising is at the heart of creating lasting impacts and it's no different in the world of alumni networking. Alumnly, your trusted alumni fundraising software, seamlessly integrates the power of alumni management and engagement with the spirit of giving. Here's how Alumnly Fundraising is transforming the fundraising landscape for educational institutions and alumni alike.

Benefits for Institutions:

  • Effortless Fundraising Campaigns: Alumnly simplifies the process of creating, managing and promoting fundraising campaigns for institutions. From scholarship drives to capital projects, institutions can create campaigns for various causes.
  • Customizable Campaigns: Customize your fundraising campaigns to match your institution's branding and specific requirements. Create a campaign page that resonates with your audience.
  • Streamlined Donation Process: Alumnly offers a user-friendly platform for accepting online donations. Whether it's one-time gifts or recurring donations, the platform supports various donation methods.
  • Fundraising Analytics: Get insights into your campaign performance with detailed analytics. Track donations, donor engagement and campaign effectiveness to make data-driven improvements.

Benefits for Alumni:

  • Discover Meaningful Campaigns: Alumni can easily discover ongoing fundraising campaigns that align with their interests and values. The platform showcases a range of causes, from scholarships to facilities improvement.
  • Effortless Donations: Donating is made simple with Alumnly. Alumni can securely make one-time or recurring donations directly through the platform.
  • Transparency and Impact: Alumni can view the progress of fundraising campaigns, learn about the impact of their contributions, and stay updated on how their donations are making a difference.

Institutional and Alumni Impact:

  • Strengthened Alumni Connections: Fundraising initiatives draw alumni closer to their institutions, fostering a deeper sense of connection and shared purpose.
  • Support for Institutional Goals: The funds raised through campaigns can contribute to various institutional goals, such as providing scholarships, improving facilities and enhancing educational programs.
  • Alumni Engagement: Alumni engagement and networking go hand-in-hand with fundraising. Alumni who engage with fundraising campaigns often feel more connected and invested in their alma mater.

The Power of Giving and Connection:

Alumnly Fundraising unites the power of giving with the strength of alumni connections. It's a platform where institutions and alumni collaborate to create meaningful change. With transparent campaigns, user-friendly donation processes, and customizable fundraising pages, Alumnly Fundraising empowers institutions and alumni to make a lasting impact on the world.